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Data Center Optimization is our Business!
Our focus areas are 'DC Configuration Management' (DCCM) and 'DC Systematical Analytics' (DCSA).


No matter if you are providing cloud or "classical" IT services:
Your data center consists of servers, network devices, storage subsystems as well as server and storage virtualization layers.



How to find the best configuration to meet reliability and performance requirements especially in heterogenous environments?
Are you running a supported configuration in matter of best practices and interoperability compliance?


Our specialities: Reliability Analysis and Performance Analysis as well Architectural Designs and Skill Transfer.

The main focus is to prevent data center incidents like performance issues, access and data loss and DC outages!




Core is always our market unique Data Center Analytics system.
It detects problems like misconfigurations, redundancy lacks und performance issues.


Stone: Analysis

  • Pro-active end-to-end analysis of configuration and performance data to verify compliance with best practices guidelines and interoperability matrices.
  • Server, network, storage and virtualization layers included.
  • Root cause analysis in case of an incident.

Pulp: Design, Education & Planning

  • Architectural design review to verify/create state-of-the-art design.
  • Skill transfer with practical relevance includes all our experience.
  • Planning of data migrations and microcode updates.

Peel: Communication & More

  • Communication with vendors as mediator.
  • Proposals for monitoring utilities.
  • Adjustments of available monitoring utilities.
  • Scripting solutions.



Data center incidents are not just annoying, but primarily time-consuming, cost-intensive and reputation-damaging.
Our services provide a very high return of investment (ROI).

Cost and Investment Reduction

Cost and Investment Reduction by

  • increasing reliability, stability and performance
  • reducing working and maintenance time
  • avoiding SLA violation penalties
  • optimizing business processes and communication
  • increasing utilization of available systems

Time Saving

Time Saving by

  • reducing effort for incident handling and vendor communication
  • pro-active operation mode instead of reactive
  • common data basis that acts as well as decision-making aid for future tasks
  • low turn-around time for data center analytics and fast trouble shooting results

Safety Maximization

Safety Maximization by

  • report with prioritized recommendations that gives information and advise how to improve DC environment
  • architectural design review that checks as well the backup/restore and disaster recovery implementation
  • a forecast that helps to make the right decisions for data center safety

Quality Increase

Quality Increase by

  • reducing number of incidents (performance issues, access and data loss, DC outages) and therefore less SLA violations
  • moving from 'just monitoring' mode to 'monitoring + analyzing'
  • common understanding for data center achieved by skill transfer



ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a set of detailed practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT Services with the needs of business.
Our services are aligned to ITIL, while the main focus is on the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) phase and the so called Seven-Step Improvement cycle.

ITIL Life Cycle Phases

The cycle defines best practices in providing IT Services.

ITIL Seven-Step Improvement

The cycle is the essential part of Continual Service Improvement (CSI).

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