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Scientific Data Center Analytics
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Your Benefits

Cost and Investment Reduction by

  • increasing reliability, stability and performance
  • reducing working and maintenance time
  • avoiding SLA violation penalties
  • optimizing business processes and communication
  • increasing utilization of available systems.

Time Saving by

  • reducing effort for incident handling and vendor communication
  • pro-active operation mode instead of reactive
  • common data basis that acts as well as decision-making aid for future tasks
  • low turn-around time for data center analytics and fast trouble shooting results.

Safety Maximization by

  • report with prioritized recommendations that gives information and advise how to improve DC environment
  • architectural design review that checks as well the backup/restore and disaster recovery implementation
  • a forecast that helps to make the right decisions for data center safety.


Quality Increase by

  • reducing number of incidents (performance issues, access and data loss, DC outages) and therefore less SLA violations
  • moving from 'just monitoring' mode to 'monitoring + analyzing'
  • common understanding for data center achieved by skill transfer.


Our Services

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DC Complete

Benefit from all our experience. We support you one year on-site and remote.

includes! DC Analytics

Our market unique system detects problems like misconfigurations, redundancy lacks und performance issues.

includes! DC Architect

Architectural design review verifies respectively creates state-of-the-art data center designs.


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