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LinkLanguageTitleDescriptionPublication Date
link English Predictive Analytics Common information about 'Predictive Analytics' service. 23-Sep-2019
link English KnowledgeRiver at a Glance Common information about KnowledgeRiver's services. 19-Sep-2019
link English Information about 'Predictive Analyics' on two pages Fact sheet regarding predictive analytics of the IT in data centers. 12-Dec-2018
link Deutsch Information about 'Predictive Analyics' on two pages DEUTSCHE Version des Informationsblatts über vorausschauende Analysen der IT in Rechenzentren. 12-Dec-2018
link English KnowledgeRiver Brochure 2pager A two pages brochure describing KnowledgeRiver's services (it's actually a readable version of our 3fold... you can order printouts of the 3fold... just contact us). 08-Jun-2017
link English KnowledgeRiver Brochure 1pager A one page brochure describing KnowledgeRiver's services. 31-May-2017


LinkLanguageTitleDescriptionPublication Date
link English Introduction to KnowledgeRiver Services Introducing presentation: It is answering the questions: Why? What? How? And what are the advantages? 20-Nov-2018
link Deutsch Introduction to KnowledgeRiver Services Einführungspräsentation: Sie beantwortet die Fragen: Warum? Was? Wie? Was sind die Vorteile? 20-Nov-2018

White Papers

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link English How to increase Data Center Stability based on ITIL CSI This white paper gives a deeper insight what is to do to inrease the stability of a Data Center, how KnowledgeRiver can help and how the services are aligned to ITIL. 31-Aug-2018


LinkLanguageTitleDescriptionPublication Date
link German Avocado as a Service - Introduction to KnowledgeRiver Video of Presentation (German) @ DFC 2020 18-Feb-2020
link German Predictive Analytics: Schwachstellen in IT Services erkennen und Störungen vorbeugen Video of Presentation (German) @ it-sa 2019 09-Oct-2019
link English Your way to a reliable and high-performance Data Center This video gives you a short introduction to our services. It answers in an easy way the questions what?, why? and how? 29-Jun-2017

Press Releases

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link Deutsch Presseartikel 'KnowledgeRiver tritt mit Predictive Analytics IT-Ausfällen entgegen' Erschienen im Online-Portal DataCenter-Insider. 06-Feb-2020
link Deutsch Presseartikel 'KnowledgeRiver GmbH erhält Qualitätssiegel "IT Security made in Germany"' Erschienen im Online-Portal OpenPR. 04-Feb-2020
link Deutsch Presseartikel 'Mit Predictive Analytics IT-Ausfälle verhindern' Erschienen im Online-Portal OpenPR. 21-Oct-2019
link Deutsch Presseartikel 'IT-Ausfälle mittels Predictive Analytics verhindern' Erschienen im Online-Portal DataCenter-Insider. 08-Oct-2019
link Deutsch Pressemitteilung 'Predictive Analytics' Sven Bittlingmayer (Geschäftsführer) zum Thema 'IT-Ausfälle verhindern: Predictive Analytics'. 01-Oct-2019
link Deutsch Interview zum Thema 'Digitalisierung im Mittelstand' Sven Bittlingmayer (Geschäftsführer) im Interview mit DANILINGUA zum Thema 'Digitalisierung im Mittelstand'. 28-Jan-2019

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