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Partner Program

The Partner Program is addressing companies providing services or support in the IT Services / data center area to end customers.
That are for example

  • Cloud Service Providers,
  • Managed Service Providers,
  • Value-Added Resellers,
  • Co-Location Providers,
  • System Integrators,
  • Data Center Operators,
  • System Distributors as well as
  • Vendors of Hard- and Software.


Partners can choose from four Contingent Contract levels.

Base Contract Partner Program: Contingent Contract
  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Discount *  0% 10% 15% 20% 30%
Credits ** - 100 - 299 300 - 499 500 - 999 1000 and above
Project Validity one project unlimited number of projects and end customers
Service Validity one service all services of the portfolio
Project Involvement only after contract signing very quick: each project offer has just to be approved
(no need for additional signing as soon as contract is signed)
Contract Term project duration flexible: 1 to 12 months
Contract Change not possible change to higher level is anytime possible during contract term
Costs for Software Products individual pricing individual pricing with some discount
* Discount valid for Software Usage (Analytics-SaaS) and Effort.
Not valid for Travel Costs and Software License Costs.

**   Software Usage (in units) : 1 unit = 1 credit
Credits for an environment? See > service calculator (login required).
  Effort (in hours): 1 hour = 1 credit
Valid for standard working hours in Germany, others defer.

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