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Upgrade Planning & Simulation


Planning and simulation of resource upgrades with automated dependency detection

Service Number: SV108


see Our Methodology


Key objective is to know dependencies in advance, so the overall interoperability is still given after upgrading resource microcodes or software. This avoids so called 'unsupported configurations'.


The Upgrade Planning/Simulation service is fully automating the phases Data Collection, Analysis and Result (additional information see above).
Our Software Products are replacing manual efforts what makes the entire process time-saving and cost-efficient.

The result - a detailed upgrade plan - is discussed with our experts.

The collected actual state - HW/SW configuration data - is put into a causal relationship to the target configuration. Dependencies are simulated, planned and checked against:

  • Vendor interoperability matrices,
  • release notes,
  • documentations like white papers.


We recommend to perform the Upgrade Planning/Simulation service at least prior to any major release change.

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