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Logo DC100 ArchitectThe service Data Center 100% Architect (DC100 Architect) is helping you in the planning and design phase for a new data center respectively renewal of parts of your data center.
It supports you with all our years of experience in data center architectural design.

Main focus will be on a solid layout of the storage subsystems and - if desired - the virtualization layer as well as the SAN (Storage Area Network).
Of course, aspects like performance, interoperability with your servers and different storage tiers are considered in the solution design as well.

In coordination with you we will build a reliable data center. But we need a strong information basis: therefore, please fill the appropriate questionnaire and attach it to your request.

To reduce configuration failures during the implementation phase and later on during operation we recommend to make use of our service Data Center 360° Think-Ahead.

ITIL Relationship

(see 'KnowledgeRiver and ITIL' > link)
Continual Service Improvement > Seven-Step Improvement activity: 1. Identify the strategy for improvement

Addressed Environments

Storage subsystems, SAN devices, servers and virtualization layers of multiple vendors.

Work Results

You will receive as work result a detailed design document with all necessary information to answer i.e. the RFP.
If requested, we will use your own document template.

Our Responsibilities

KnowledgeRiver will be responsible for the following:

  • Provide a key coordinator for the communication to the principal.
  • Provide technical specialists as required.
  • Provide coordination and planning of the service (together with the principal).
  • Provide best practice, recommendations and documentation in English language.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for the following:

  • Provide a key coordinator for the communication to and coordination of involved principal team.
  • Provide documentation and all project material in English language.
  • Provide up to date information and data.
  • In case of an onsite service, a local team has to be involved to provide authorizations and full access to all necessary information.

Estimated Schedule

The start date and schedule for the service engagement will be agreed after the service contract became effective.

Estimated Compensation

Depends on the effort.
Please get in contact with us!


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