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During the last years the complexity of data center architectures increased especially because of new or changed internal as well as external requirements.
So called homogeneous data centers – all components (like storage subsystems, Storage Area Network devices, servers, etc.) provided by the same vendor – are very rare. But the problem with heterogeneous data centers is very often, that the support and maintenance responsibility is spread throughout multiple vendors respectively data center operators.
In case of an impact like a performance decrease, specific IT services can not be provided or – worst case – an outage of your entire data center, one of the most challenging tasks is to coordinate all involved parties.
Consequence: The problem resolution takes very long and you are not able to comply your Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The Service Line 'Data Center 360°' (DC360) is designed to address the above described issue.
It's based on a detailed analysis of your data center components. The component configuration, the components itself and the connection between them are checked. So you will get a full picture and not just a simple device status.

Of course you are free to select all components of your data center or just components of a sub-configuration. Our DC360Octopus utility will help you to collect the appropriate data.

All services of the DC360 service line are assisted by our DC360Dolphin utility, an extremely effective tooling to check components, configurations and connections in regards to e.g. data flow congestion, single point of failures, code level constraints and so on.

DC360 Service Line Portfolio

Our service Data Center 360° Think-Ahead is helping you with an analysis of your data center infrastructure before an impact occurs.
In case of an impact, our service Data Center 360° Investigation helps to find out which devices or configurations are causing the problem. Hereafter we can support you in the discussions with the vendor(s) respectively your data center operator.

We continuously extending our list of supported devices. Please find the latest list here.

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