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Data Center 360° Think-Ahead

Predictive Analytics: Pro-active end-to-end analysis of entire DC

Service Number: SV101

Service Description

Service 'Data Center 360° Think-Ahead' | short 'DC360 Think-Ahead':

The service provides a detailed pro-active end-to-end analysis - the so called Predictive Analytics - of the data center configurations prior to the occurrence of an impact. An impact may in particular be a performance decrease, intermittent error messages of devices, access respectively data loss or an outage of the entire data center.
Storage, SAN (Storage Area Network) and server hardware components, their configuration and all connections between them are checked.

The required data are collected with our free of charge DC360Octopus utility > link. You can use as well DC360Manatee > link: DC360Octopus is already integrated, but it provides as well analysis report management/presentation and data historicization.

You have the possibility to send us the collected package to prepare the analysis report or you can purchase DC360Dolphin > link to do it in-house.

A Demo Report can be found here > link.

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