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Data Center 360° Plain Collect

Collection of all DC data for backup purposes + additional very useful features

Service Number: SV104

Service Description

Service 'Data Center 360° Plain Collect' | short 'DC360 Plain Collect':

The service provides a possibility to collect configuration, performance and monitoring data from all supported devices (> more info) as a package of plain files. This can be stored as reference or it can be used as input for all other DC360 services later on.
A transformation to structured data for database upload is not performed and the collection is not replacing configuration backups!

For data collection, the utility DC360Octopus is necessary > link.
Additional features of DC360Octopus are check of connection to defined resources, clearing of error counters and an NTP (Network Time Protocol) test.

This service and therefore DC360Octopus is free of charge!

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