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Linux Virtual Machine for DC data collection, report management/presentation and data historicization + additional utilities for DC management

Service Number: SV113

Service Description

Service 'DC360Manatee' | short 'Manatee':

The Linux Virtual Machine (VM) has following features:

  • DC data collection
    collection of configuration, performance and monitoring data from all supported devices (see Supported Device List) performed by DC360Octopus (integrated as stand-alone and browser GUI version).
  • report management/presentation
    analysis reports generated as work result of the services DC360 Think-Ahead and DC360 Investigation can be easily uploaded to this VM; all results will be available in a browser
  • data historicization
    collected data as well as analysis reports are stored in the VM and therefore compares between two dates are possible
  • additional utilities for DC management
    free utilities like performance collector and DCIM (DC Infrastructure Management); check full listing at Utilities Overview (login necessary) by looking for "DC360Manatee Preinstalled" = "Yes".

All features are integrated in a browser GUI. A web server in combination with user management makes the collaboration of several teams very easy.

The VM image is available as "Base" version (our standard Ubuntu Linux image) or can be delivered as "Tailored" version (your preferred Linux image).
Licenses from 1 year up to 3 years are available.

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